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Empowering Change

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Empowering Change


Change is definitely possible! Even though at times it can feel like an endless uphill battle with many tumbles and falls. Fortunately, there are concrete research and evidence-based ways to best support people to take action and create positive change in any aspect of their lives.

At both individual and collective levels we need to believe that we can create the change we want, and also have the skills of self-regulation, problem solving, healthy network building and an attitude of courage, innovation and determination to successfully make it happen.

Reboot’s Empowering Change provides over 40 practical tools to empower individuals and groups to both more willing and capable of embracing opportunities and creating sustained positive change.

Neuroscience-based and trauma-transformative, Empowering Change marries Reboot’s simple and practical tools with the Cycle of Change (Porchaska & DiClemente, 2003) to:

  • build a brain-friendly practice that maximises the impact of support;
  • increase self-awareness, responsibility and self-regulation;
  • foster an intention for positive change and build the agency and self-efficacy required;
  • effectively set goals;
  • build problem-solving skills and prepare for the inevitable Speedbumps and Roadblocks that will be on their path;
  • support individuals to build the intrinsic motivation and commitment to sustain a commitment to their goals;
  • address self-sabotage and counter-productive thoughts and habits; and,
  • build healthy relationships that provide social support.

We also address your wellbeing and resilience in the support role to minimise compassion fatigue and maximise your personal capacity to support and guide others.

These 8 on-line modules have short videos, peer study questions, action sheets and concrete tools that can immediately integrated into your support practice.

Reboot’s tools can be used with children, families and adults by anyone working in individual and group support contexts, including counsellors, case management staff, social workers and psychologists, support workers etc.


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