Step 1 – Create Calm

Intro video

Reboot’s 7-Step Whole-Brain Teaching and Learning Framework makes the art of teaching easier by prioritising classroom practices that create the optimal conditions for the brain to learn. In this module we introduce Reboot’s Whole-Brain 7-Step Framework and the first step, Create Calm. We explore the core elements that create a calm and engaged class and Reboot’s 3 Brains’ neuro-metaphor: the Wild, Emotional and Smart Brains. Using Dr Bruce Perry’s (date) concept of state-dependent functioning, we highlight the importance of a whole-brain approach that ‘feeds’ the core survival (Wild Brain) and emotional (Emotional Brain) centres of the brain to enable access to the high order language and reasoning capacities of the cerebrum (Smart Brain.) Our focus here is on practical strategies and resources that address the brain’s needs in order to enhance both the willingness and capacity to learn.