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The Resilient Educator

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Have we done all that we can to be as resilient as possible?

Being an educator can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

Every day is unique and supporting others to learn and grow is both a real privilege and significant contribution to the broader community. While this work can be incredibly rewarding it’s vital that we also recognise the inevitable impact of making thousands of decisions a day in very high demand workplaces.

Reboot’s The Resilient Educator Program addresses the unique stressors, boosts educator resilience and improves satisfaction and productivity at work. Using Reboot’s neuroscience-based and trauma-transformative approach and Reboot’s Resilience Equation™ this program will support you with stress and resilience assessment tools, a Thrive @ Work Plan and over 70 strategies to enhance stress tolerance, resilience and to find more joy and satisfaction at work.

This program marries with the Resilient Classroom resources to bring stress-awareness and resilience boosting practices to the entire learning community.